Caitlin holds a Master of Arts in Educational Therapy from Holy Names University with a concentration in executive functioning and reading difficulties, and is certified by the Association of Educational Therapists. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Mills College, with a concentration in language acquisition and language learning. She is a trained mindfulness facilitator and a practitioner of mindfulness with over 10 years of experience. Caitlin is also a Northern Light School alumna from the Class of 2001.

A first-generation Latina-American and the daughter of a refugee, Caitlin is passionate about supporting students in exploring, embracing and sharing their identities through the written narrative and literature. Her writing pedagogy is one that respects and values diversity, creates learning communities that deliver opportunity, and nurtures character and individuality by encouraging scholastic growth and personal transformation.
Caitlin is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was classically trained in music from the age of five. She draws influence and inspiration from the human experience, diverse cultures and genres, and writes music in Spanish and English.
"We may all live different lives, but our existences are woven together in a shared tapestry that tells the narrative of the collective human experience. In a constantly evolving society, it is especially important for our youth to hold tight to the many threads that define them and shape who they are: culture and ethnicity; faith and gender; the places that represent us; our hopes, dreams and values. Words are our most powerful tool: if we can tell our own stories, and hear the stories of others, we will discover our inherent compassion. And through this compassion, we will find that we are inspired to build bridges, and not walls."