Future Voter Project

When you read about the history of Northern Light, one thing clearly stands out above the rest:
this community develops students who are engaged and empowered – not just as students, but as citizens. 
With the November election, we had a fantastic opportunity to stress some of the concepts, themes, and skills associated with democratic participation, while highlighting the voices of our fantastic students about issues and questions that pique their interest. 
Inspired by Teaching Tolerance's Future Voter Project, along with other schools around the country, we present our NLS “Future Voters Project,” a community-wide effort to address the question, “Why Vote?”, through creative projects, posters, activities, classroom conversations, and more. Joining us in this endeavor are our friends at The People’s Conservatory and Get Empowered, along with our very own FTC.
The Friday before the election, we hosted our virtual Future Voters Morning Circle, featuring reflections from students, faculty, community members, and civic leaders about the meaning and importance of voting.

The event, which we called "Future Voters: Civic Engagement and Youth Voice at NLS and Beyond," reflected the power, brilliance, and beauty of the entire Northern Light Community. The agenda served as a reminder of one of our most sacred tasks – helping young people develop into caring, thoughtful, and engaged citizens!

You can watch footage of the event below, and follow links to inspiring videos featuring the voices of our students, faculty, and community.
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