An intimate learning environment (the average class size is 15 students) means that students at Northern Light are celebrated for their individual learning styles and abilities and are consistently  motivated by personal growth. Teachers differentiate instruction to provide just the right amount of challenge or scaffolding to reach each child at his or her zone of proximal development.  The integration of technology facilitates individualized instruction in an engaging way and prepares our students for a world increasingly infused with technology. 

At NLS, we believe in a mastery model of education wherein each student works on a topic until they have demonstrated a true understanding of the concept. This approach to teaching creates a virtuous cycle in which students gain more and more confidence as they build upon their rock-solid foundation in the basic skills.  A focus on project-based learning and outdoor education, moreover, fosters inquiry and creativity in the classroom and helps make the curriculum come alive for our students.  Collaboration across grade levels and subjects pushes students to make connections that strengthen their understanding of the material and love for learning.