Northern Light School was founded September 11, 1989 by four women with a calling to provide a Whole Child Education for children who would not have the opportunity for a private school setting.

 DoloresSince its founding, we have embodied the basic premise that it does indeed "Take a Village to Raise a Child."  At Northern Light School our "village" is so much more than the community of students, educators, and families who call this school home.  We remind our students daily that they are part of the global village of the world, and that because they live in an interdependent global society, they have an obligation to make the world a better place.

At Northern Light School, we work to cultivate an environment of positive expectation and collective responsibility between our students, their families, and our community of teachers and educators.  Our children are encouraged to be compassionate, courageous, confident, and creative--four essential traits of a Northern Light School student and graduate. Northern Light School students know that their actions create consequences--that what they do and how they do it matters--and they are taught daily to give rise to that which will generate the most positive outcomes and opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Since 1995, Northern Light School's most enduring legacy has been its graduates, 231 young men and women who have gone on to attend private high schools, colleges, and universities internationally on full or partial scholarship.  Northern Light School graduates continue to demonstrate that the traits of compassion, courage, confidence, and 
creativity inspire them to make the world a better place in a wide range of disciplines and professions, including pediatric and adult medicine; with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency; with the US Armed Forces, including the Navy SEALs, the Air Force, and the Army; through the performing arts, in music, film, theatre, and dance; in primary, secondary, and university education both locally and globally in Africa, Bolivia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam; in technology at Google, Facebook, and Adobe; in politics and foreign relations and with the United Nations Programmes; and in philanthropic organizations, NGOs and nonprofits worldwide. 

Northern Light School's graduates understand their responsibility and opportunity to make the world a better place, and as a result of their nurturing in our community, they travel the world with Northern Light School a part of who they are, hereby demonstrating that our impact continues to reach across the globe and touch countless lives. 

When a student graduates, they are academically prepared for the challenges and rewards of life beyond our classroom walls.  But more importantly, they are equipped with a toolbox to support them in their journey through life in an interdependent world.  A rapidly changing global society calls for dreamers and innovators who are Oliviaknowledgeable, yet empathetic; who define problems and solve them with understanding, caring, and kindness. Our students graduate with the ability to think reflectively, self- critically, and most importantly, inclusively.

A Northern Light School education does not end when a child ventures forth into our global village.  The sense of community they first encountered in our school is rooted deep within their character, and serves them throughout their lives as they continue to positively impact others, and transform the world into a more thriving, beautiful place. We invite you to learn more, and we welcome you to Northern Light School.