Jamila Smith

Jamila grew up in the heart of the Bay Area, Hayward, California. She has a ten year old daughter, Zaia who is the love of her life. She enjoys being outdoors, going for hikes, riding her bike and playing tennis (when she can). She likes to have fun and play board games with her daughter. She enjoys being creative whether that is drawing, coloring or painting. Her favorite animal is a giraffe and you can always find a giraffe somewhere in her space. Since she is a pesco-vegetarian, she enjoys cooking and making lemon pepper shrimp and tuna melts.
Jamila started her career in education by first earning her Bachelor of Arts in Family and Consumer Science. She expanded her education and received her Master of Arts in Education. She has 15 units in Early Childhood Education, has been a graduate assistant teacher, and has worked in kindergarten, second, and third grade classrooms at two other Oakland private schools.