Gabriela Molina-Avila

Gabriela’s connection to bilingualism began at the age of seven when she moved from Mexico to the United States and dove into a world of English mixed with the flavors of her mother tongue, Spanish. It was in those years, navigating a new culture and language, where she would debut her language skills as her own mother’s translator as well as become an avid reader; two skills that would contribute to her love of language and words. Years later she would bridge the gap between her academic and home life through her studies of the Spanish Language and acquire dual B.A. in Applied Linguistics and Spanish-Community and Culture studies from UCLA.

Through her personal experiences Gabriela has seen the empowerment bestowed on someone when they are able to communicate in their own language; as well as the immense shift in world- concept that learning another language can have on an individual. She shares these experiences with others by Teaching English and Spanish as a foreign language instructor in the Bay Area. Her work has involved working with children of all ages in bi-lingual contexts through community literacy-projects. She has worked with Middle School students in the Bay Area teaching Spanish as well as college students and adults from all walks of life who wish to acquire, improve or perfect their foreign language skill in both English and Spanish.

Gabriela's work as a Spanish Teacher allows her to keep her mother tongue alive in her own life by sharing it with her students. She teaches Spanish as an expression of her pride in both her mother tongue and culture in hopes that her students will grow to see beauty and asset in linguistic diversity.