Letter From Head of School

Dear Families,

At the beginning of the school year, I remember watching John Lewis’ televised memorial with my partner, Erica. We listened as three presidents reflected on Lewis’ momentous accomplishments fighting for civil rights, spearheading change, speaking to millions at the March on Washington – the list goes on....But it was the words of his Deputy Chief of Staff, Jamila Thompson, that stood out the most:

  • He always saw you and made you feel worthy
  • He spent every waking moment paying it forward
  • He would always make time for young people
  • He prized energy, passion, purpose, and potential 
  • When he laughed, it came from deep in his belly

As we launch another school year, it strikes me that these values are just what we seek to cultivate at Northern Light School. In the face of all the challenges associated with COVID-19, we remain more committed than ever to providing your children with an education that fosters their potential and celebrates their brilliance. Not just through big plans and proposals, but by individual acts of connection, care and joy that make students feel like they matter – that they can change the world. 

On this site, you’ll learn a bit more about the history of this unique community, and read about our dynamic programming, which includes challenging academics, personalized learning, multi-cultural arts programming, student guidance, and a steadfast commitment to educating the “whole child.”

You’ll meet faculty (including one with a talent for fort building!) who are dedicated to providing children with everything they need to be successful. You will also learn how our divisional teams use digital platforms and multimedia tools to make learning more interactive, engaging, and meaningful. Finally, you will also read about our continued commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice throughout our program, values that are more important than ever. 

In closing – we know we can’t do this work without your partnership. As we launch another school year, we look forward to working together as one community to provide an education that makes a difference – and encourages your lovely children to do the same. 

Dr. Roy