Family Teacher Community

As an organization, The Family Teacher Community (FTC) mission is to encourage, enhance and empower the educational and social environment of Northern Light School (NLS). Our goals are to complement the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, communicate and grow in community.

The challenge during this critical time in our nation is to build from this moment united and more resolved than ever to address systemic racism and its root causes. We also acknowledge the real and still substantial threat of Covid-19. As a community we commit ourselves to the organizing and mobilization of the NLS community. We will continue to provide opportunities that will edify and build up our families, students and staff. We are committed to educate, empower and enact a culture of positive activism and support for people in our communities and around the world. It is our hope to plant seeds into NLS that will bloom in the world knowing that Impossible is Nothing, and that through their dreams and thoughts they will shape our future.

Regular FTC Meetings are scheduled each month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. Please check the school calendar for upcoming FTC meeting dates. 

Please contact Ms. Jalynda Booker, FTC Co-Chair, with any questions!


Past FTC fundraisers and events have included Wine & Paint Nite, Family Bowling Day, and International Day Festival.