Lara’s passion for travel, languages and different cultures lead her to choose teaching as a means of bridging people through language to build understanding. She holds a B.A. in Economics and Francophone studies from UCLA and completed her graduate studies in Latin American Studies from The University of Barcelona in Spain. Upon graduating from UCLA, she went to France to teach English as a foreign language to elementary and Middle School students. She fell in love with teaching and since then continued to teach English, Spanish and French in different places such as Brazil, Barcelona, San Francisco and Paris.

Growing up bi-cultural and bilingual as a Mexican-American, she understands the gift of having the ability to speak multiple languages and the shift in perspective and awareness this brings. She has taught all ages from preschool students to University level. Her love for creative endeavors, such as arts and crafts and dance, makes teaching kids one of her favorite ages. She has also taught art to children and loves incorporating this in her language classes.

In addition to teaching languages, she is a Holistic Health Educator. She is a clinical herbalist and Ayurvedic lifestyle coach. She teaches the benefits of self-care, herbal medicine and Ayurveda in workshops and retreats. Bringing in mindful awareness to her classes is something she has done through yoga, meditation and herbology. Helping to shape young minds is a gift she takes to heart and loves to infuse all she does with care and gratitude.