A Peek Inside the Science Classroom

Learning from home doesn’t have to be passive. Middle school science classes are doing hands-on projects and handwritten scientific explanations, including annotated engineering models of experiments. In sixth grade, students created posters of human body systems, conducted research on a particular system, and presented their findings to fellow students using Google slides:
Using an inquiry based approach to learning atoms, elements and compounds, 7th grade students completed a chemistry experiment in electrolysis, splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas. They will go on to write about the significance of this experiment to past scientific discoveries as well as its application to the development of things like the hydrogen fuel cell, and space travel to Mars.
Within the unit on Electromagnetism, students in 8th grade have constructed wires from foil and masking tape, built working electrical circuits, built and operated an electromagnet, and this week, they make a working electrical speaker from a paper cup!