Welcome to Northern Light School

At Northern Light, we believe student voice lies at the center of a meaningful and progressive education. Our faculty and staff take the time to listen to young people and encourage them to be active participants in their own education – whether they are 2nd graders developing literacy skills through abstract art, or middle schoolers producing podcasts on issues of social and civic concern. Northern Light students feel empowered to pursue their passions, delight in new discoveries, and express their talents across a wide array of academic, enrichment, and arts-based programs.

Inspired by the core ideals of the Civil Rights movement, our community is also deeply committed to advancing the cause of social justice, and embracing the values of kindness, tolerance, and non-violence. As one current Northern Light parent puts it, “When you come to Northern Light, there is a continual emphasis on engagement and a spirit of joy and community that makes each child feel heard, seen, and loved.” 

As we launch another school year, these values are particularly important and sustaining. In the face of all the challenges associated with COVID-19, Northern Light remain more committed than ever to providing children with an education that fosters their potential and celebrates their brilliance. 

This is what celebrating the “whole child” is all about.

Thank you for visiting – and we hope to see you soon!



Dr. Roy