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The NLS Story

Northern Light School was founded on September 11, 1989 by four women with a calling to provide a Whole Child Education in a private school setting for children who would not have the opportunity for a private school education.  With only $50 in their pockets, and twelve students on the school's inaugural first day, Northern Light's founders manifested the "dream" of Northern Light School into a reality that has continued to thrive for twenty-five years.

Since 1995, Northern Light School's most enduring legacy has been its graduates - 214 young men and women who have gone on to attend private high schools, colleges and universities worldwide on full or partial scholarship.  (See Our Legacy)  Northern Light School graduates continue to demonstrate that the traits of compassion, courage, confidence, and creativity inspire them to make the world a better place in a wide range of disciplines and professions.  These include working in such fields as:
  • Pediatric and adult medicine
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency
  • US Armed Forces, including the Navy SEALs, the Air Force, and the Army
  • Performing arts, in music, film, theatre, and dance
  • Primary, secondary, and university education both locally and globally (e.g, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bolivia, Africa, and China)
  • Technology (e.g., Google, Facebook, and Adobe)
  • Politics and foreign relations and with the United Nations Programmes
  • Philanthropic organizations, NGOs and nonprofits worldwide.  

Northern Light School's graduates understand their responsibility to make the world a better place and actively seek out opportunities to do so.  As a result of their nurturing in our close-knit community, they travel the world with Northern Light School a part of who they are, hereby demonstrating that our impact continues to reach across the globe and touch countless lives. 

In 2004, fifteen years after its founding, Northern Light School relocated from its original site at 4500 Redwood Road to its current location at 3710 Dorisa Avenue and as a result, has been able to welcome even more wonderful children through its doors and into the Northern Light School family.